Berkeley Schools

The PTA is active in all the schools of the Berkeley Unified School District. PTA Membership is open to anyone who supports the mission of the PTA. If you would like to join us, please contact the PTA president at the school in your community.

Berkeley Arts Magnet

Berkeley Arts Magnet
2015 Virginia Street
Tel. (510) 644-6225
PTA President: Maya Geurtsen

Berkeley High School

Berkeley High School
2223 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Tel. (510) 644-6120
PTA President: Mimi Pulich

Berkeley Technology Academy (BTA)

Berkeley Technology Academy
2701 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Tel. 510-644-6159
PTA President: Ramal Lamar

Cragmont School

Cragmont School
830 Regal Road
Tel. 94708
PTA President: James Na

Emerson Elementary School

Emerson School
2800 Forest Avenue
Tel. (510) 644-6890
PTA President: Rana Cho

Sylvia Mendez Elementary School (formerly LeConte)

LeConte School
2241 Russell Street
Tel. (510) 644-6290
PTA President: Stephen Murphy

Longfellow Middle School

Longfellow Middle School
1500 Derby Street
Tel. (510) 644-6360
PTA President: Mary Knight

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
1781 Rose Street
Tel. (510) 644-6280
PTA President: Yael Gallison

John Muir Elementary School

John Muir School
2955 Claremont Avenue
Tel. (510) 644-6410
PTA President: Peter Butler

Malcolm X Elementary School

Malcolm X School
1731 Prince Street
Tel. (510) 644-6313
PTA President: Vicki Davis

Oxford Elementary

Oxford School
1130 Oxford Street
Tel. (510) 644-6300
PTA President: Darryl Royce Collins

Rosa Parks Elementary School

Rosa Parks School
920 Allston Way
Tel. (510) 644-8812
PTA President: Ana Zamost

Ruth Acty Elementary School

Jefferson School
1400 Ada Street
Tel. (510) 644-6298
PTA President: Lauren Freels

Thousand Oaks Elementary School

Thousand Oaks School
840 Colusa Avenue
Tel. (510) 644-6368
PTA President: David Kerr

Washington Elementary School

Washington School
2300 Martin Luther King Jr. Way
Tel. (510) 644-6310
PTA President: Liz Schultz

Willard Middle School

Willard Middle School
2425 Stuart Street
Tel. (510) 644-6330
PTA President: Keith Nickolaus