Annual Historian's Report

Report Period: 
Date Due: 
May 15 2022

While it is the PTA fundraising efforts which often get the biggest share of attention, it is the hours donated to our school communities by our awesome members that is our true power. The annual Historians Report is where we document our efforts and show how big our contributions are beyond the money. The linked form is how the State PTA keeps track of these efforts.

Providing this information is key for a number of reasons:

  • Shows the commitment of our members to our schools by the hours donated to our community.
  • By documenting our efforts we can clearly show other stakeholders how much our PTAs impact the schools.
  • Gives us a chance to make our arguments less monitary and more on values in our advocacy.
  • Tells our story in the full context of what we do.

In the past, the form also provided a space for highlighting activities/accomplishments of our PTAs. If you want to recognize an event/accomplishment from the last year, feel free to provide a brief write-up to share it.

Please send your reports to