Ty Alper

Berkeley History: 
21 years (1979-1991; 2004 - present
Current Employment
UC Berkeley
Clinical Professor of Law
Public School / Community Involvement: 

I am on the faculty at a public school. As a clinical law professor, I have dedicated myself to studying what makes an effective learning environment. The classroom in which I teach is worlds away from my children's classrooms, and the issues I confront are very different than those facing teachers in our elementary and secondary schools. But issues of equity and access pervade. For example, for the past two years I have chaired Berkeley Law's Financial Aid Committee, which recently designed an overhaul of the law school's loan repayment assistance program. This program is designed to make law school affordable and accessible for students seeking public interest careers, a critical goal but one that requires a delicate balance of priorities, finances, and interest groups within and outside of the law school.

I mentioned above some of the various ways in which I am immersed in the Berkeley public schools. I am also a founding members of Amigos de Inmersion Dual de Berkeley; and I teach before-school classes of diverse groups of fifth graders at Rosa Parks, including "Baseball Math," and, "Mock Trial," which will culminate in a mock trial presentation at the law school. 

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