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Spencer R. Klein

Berkeley History: 
19 years
Current Employment
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Senior Scientist
Public School / Community Involvement: 

Both of my children attended Cragmont elementary school, and had positive experiences there. One is now at Longfellow Middle School, where he enjoys a very supportive environment. The other had a disastrous freshman year at Berkeley High School, where he was placed in a social environment that did not fit him at all. He was also receiving an inadequate education (including an English class that was years below state standards, and social science material that badly outdated and sometimes factually wrong). After unsuccessful efforts by my wife and i to move him to a more compatible environment within BHS, he is now at a private school, where he is flourishing.

I work as a physicist, and have frequently volunteered at local elementary and middle schools (including both BUSD and Oakland schools), through the auspices of Community Resources for Science, through my work (including helping with 5th grade class visits to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and on my own initiative. I particularly like helping students choose and plan science fair projects.

I have been involved with a number of community groups, including a small religious congregation where I served as a board member and treasurer.