Margit Roos-Collins

Berkeley History: 
21 years
Public School / Community Involvement: 

I have been steadily involved in improving our public schools since 1999.

One emphasis has been safety. As a Disaster Council member, my proposal led to the City's matching District funds to buy disaster containers for each school. On the District disaster preparedness group, I have helped develop the disaster supply list used district-wide, organize and inventory the materials stored at each school, and train staff at all K-8 schools. On the BHS Safety Committee, I drafted bylaws and integrated California Education Code mandates and clarified our role. I've drafted annual goals and practical strategies to achieve those goals, assisted with implementation, and instituted progress reports to create accountability. I've also served on the district's sexual harassment and bullying prevention committees.

My other emphasis has been academics. I joined the BHS Shared Governance Council in 2010 to advocate school self-study that could meaningfully compare outcomes from different approaches. As an SSC officer, I have tried to create a collaborative, effective, and creative committee culture, in which parents, students, and teachers work closely with the administration to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategies to close gaps to build on successes, and to strengthen educational outcomes for all students.