Julie Sinai

Berkeley History: 
Approx. 24 years
Current Employment
UC Berkeley
Director of Local Government and Community Relations
Public School / Community Involvement: 

As a parent, I have been active in BUSD for over 17 years. Our family often found ourselves to be early adopters in the District. My son was enrolled in the first Two-Way Immersion class in the first kindergarten class at Rosa Parks (formerly Columbus). After attending King Middle School, he continued on to graduate in 2010 with the first class in BIHS. My daughter attended Rosa Parks in the TWI and continued the program through Longfellow. She is now a junior at BHS. I have actively participated in site-based Collaborations and School Site Councils and more school fundraisers than I can count.

Professionally, I've been active with the schools for close to two decades, with a focus on improving student outcomes through school community partnerships. 

BUSD is tackling some of the same issues as our sister communities and I intend to share promising practices across the districts. Currently, I am working with the following efforts:

  • Richmond reforms on full service community schools and Richmond Health Equity Partnership.
  • Community college and workforce development collaborations on college and career pathways - high schools through adult.
  • East Bay Gateways STEM collaborative, a regional Pre-K - 14 collaborative convened by CSUEB.