Candidate Night Questions - 2018

Berkeley 2018 School Board CandidatesSchool Board members formulate BUSD educational policy affecting all students K-12 - our children. And they are our representatives. With our vote, we, constituents, elect those who we deem best to shape the educational system. This is an incredible power. It is very important that we learn where they stand on the educational issues that are important to us, not just by reading their websites and literature, but by directly asking them questions critical to our community.

This is what the PTA Candidates Forum is about. Learning what they stand for, what they see as the challenges and opportunities for Berkeley schools, and how they will go about addressing them. This is our moment to ask about issues that they may not have directly addressed but that are of concern to the school community the PTA represents.

The goal of this question form is to solicit (and receive by Sep 27th!) as many questions and/or topics of interest to our PTA community as possible. Similar questions will be combined with questions selected which pose the most encompassing variety of issues and concerns representing our community’s interests. (Questions will also be taken from the audience at the event).

We do request that you provide your name, contact point (if clarification is needed) and your PTA membership, if any. We will accept questions from everyone but priority will be given to PTA members and those with students in BUSD. If you prefer, feel free to send your questions to us at

We also encourage you to come, but if you can't the event will be streamed live on Oct 3rd at 6.30, here.


Enter number of students, if any