PTA Training

PTA relies on the leadership from the basic school units.  The leadership is critical to the success of the PTA but the nature of the PTA means regular changes in our leadership.  We are fortunate that our district, Peralta PTA District, is committed to training new leadership.  Peralta District provides regular workshops to introduce new officers and enhance the skills of  experience officers in the running and growing your PTA.  Workshops for those serving as president, treasurer, financial secretary, secretary, parliamentarian, auditor and historian are planned.  Taking on these new responsibilities may seem daunting, but these training sessions will help get you started and prepare you for making your PTA even better. The next training program is scheduled for the evening of  September 26.  If you are new to the PTA or taking on a new postition, take this opportunity to learn from experienced PTA leaders.  Check out the link and registration forms below.