Latest Air Quality Update from Superintendent – Friday, Oct. 13

Update Friday Evening, October 13

Dear Families,

I want you to know that I just sent a message to all principals, teachers and staff to thank them all for their hard work this week under challenging conditions.

We do expect school to be open on Monday, unless the air quality forecast is in the “Very Unhealthy” range. In that case, I will convene my Crisis Management Team on Sunday to make a plan for school closure, and IF we close schools, we will send an email and phone call to all staff and all families about a closure. Otherwise, we will see you on Monday.

Today I went out to schools, along with my Administrative Team, who did their best to offer relief and support at each site. I saw principals, vice principals and counselors holding their communities together, and teachers doing a phenomenal job with delivering an engaging curriculum to kids who were still full of opinions and energy. Meanwhile there were school secretaries fielding many calls, classroom aides focusing on the needs of students, maintenance crew working on air quality issues, and so many staff doing their utmost to support our kids.

I sincerely hope that there will be some rest and relief for all this weekend. Take care of yourselves, family and neighbors, and please send a note or give a hug to someone who’s been helpful to you today.

Donald Evans, Ed.D.


P.S.  We have received many questions about masks, and saw a variety of masks being used by students. Unfortunately, the kinds of masks that protect from the particulates in the air from wildfire are not designed for children. Here is some of the best advice we’ve seen on this issue:


October, 2017