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Dine Out Fundraiser for District Garden/Cooking Programs

Thursday, December 1, 2016 (All day)

All Over Berkeley

A message from Jezra Thompson, Program Supervisor for the District's Gardening and Cooking Programs:

Please join us and our partnering restaurants for a delicious Berkeley Dine Out fall fundraiser on December 1st!
This is the day/night when we share a meal and eat yummy food with our community at some of our favorite local restaurants throughout Berkeley in support of our 17 school gardens and 4 kitchen classrooms. Help us grow strong with the students that we connect with and teach from preschool through high school. Fundraising monies support us in teaching more science in the school garden, developing nutrition and cooking curriculum for our new after school program, and buying materials and supplies for much need garden projects and cooking activities.
Let's Dine Out on December 1st at participating restaurants, listed below, who in turn donate a percentage of sales directly to support this work with our students. You can find an updated list of participating restaurants and fun Dine Out tips here. Please mark your calendar and share this invitation with your friends and families.
Plan your eating adventure on December 1st at one ore more of these restaurants:

​For more information, contact Jezra at