Berkeley PTA Council June Meeting

Monday, June 14, 2021 - 6:30pm


6:30 - Outgoing president’s comments & introduction of newly elected officers.

6:45 - Schools planning for fall. Presentation by Superintendent Brent Stephens, with discussion. 

How normal will “normal” school be?
Will the COVID-19 cleaning protocols continue?
What are options for Distance Learning, aka Independent Study?
What should PTAs do for afterschool enrichment classes? What will be the rules for cohorting, distancing, contact tracing etc?
The drought is bad - what are plans for wildfire-related shutdowns?
Vaccines - options/requirements/encouragements etc?
Community engagement process for review of the middle school assignment system - what are plans?


7:40 - PTA Council plans for next year. Discussion. 

Shall all PTA Council meetings continue being held on Zoom? Still at 6:30 pm on Mondays?
What topics should be prioritized?
Need for information sharing on PTA unit best practices, i.e. fundraising, communications, equity, afterschool. How?
Current VP of Equity and Inclusion Martin de Mucha Flores and VP of Government Relations and Communications Michael Chang will continue in their positions.)

8:15 - adjourn.

No PTA Council meeting in July. Next meeting: Monday, August 23.