Up until now BUSD has operated with bond financing plans rather than a Facilities Master Plan. Do you think it’s important that BUSD have a Facilities Master Plan? If yes, what do you think should be included in it?

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Ty Alper

Yes, in order for the Board to make well-considered decisions with full transparency and accountability, we need a master facilities plan. This plan should analyze both projected enrollment and actual capacity/density at each school site.

Josh Daniels

The so-called “Blue Book” is the plan that was developed in preparation for the 2010 bond measure (Measure I). It was the result of two years of community outreach, feedback, and discussion. It was what was promised to voters as part of Measure I so we should deviate from that plan very cautiously. That being said, the plan needs to be adjusted to address how reality has changed since 2010, specifically the Transitional Kindergarten requirement and the increasing elementary school enrollment. The board has committed to doing so, and is starting the 4-meeting plan discussed in Question #4. Once we have a plan in place for next fall we can begin to consider longer-term solutions.

Norma J F Harrison

Here I don’t know what you mean – Facilities Master Plan; I presume it’s a specific program you’ve been party to for a while.

Karen Hemphill

I have been a consistent advocate of the need for a Facilities Master Plan (including during the community discussions regarding our last school construction bond) and continue to speak out in favor of developing one – at Board meetings and as part of my campaign re-election. I believe that the plan should include at a minimum classroom, flex/enrichment, and outdoor space needs but also 21st needs.

Julie Sinai

I am familiar with large-scale land use planning from my work at UC Berkeley where every 15 years it embarks on a Long Range Development Plan that is driven by its academic vision and projected enrollment growth. While this is a huge, multi-year endeavor, I think we can learn from it. We do have a Master Facilities plan that is oriented more on current and future capital project needs than on academic vision. It is important for the Board to align the academic goals and enrollment projections with our facility needs. For example, if we agree that performing arts and science is key to our students’ education then we need to ensure we have appropriate space for instruction. That definition of “appropriate” should be one that includes educational experts and the district community. I also would like to see a facilities plan that includes environmental and energy sustainability and neighborhood impacts, like transportation.