Do you feel increased class sizes will alleviate the impact of the surge in enrollment? If yes, what is your reasoning? If no, what are better alternatives?


Ty Alper

Increasing class sizes will not fully alleviate the impact of the surge in enrollment. While it will free up classroom space, it won’t affect overcrowding at a particular school site (on the yard, in the cafeteria, etc.). I believe that our relatively low class sizes are a wonderful feature of our District, and that they promote student learning and help us attract and retain outstanding teachers. Before I commit to prioritizing the various options, I want to see staff’s analysis of the pros and cons. That said, my inclination is that increasing class sizes would have to be a very last resort to solving our overcrowding problem. Unfortunately none of the other most apparent short-
term options – squeezing more children into the few remaining “flex” classrooms, installing portables, moving all TK classes to a common site – are appealing either. But based on what I know now, increasing class sizes would be low on my list.

Josh Daniels

Increasing class size will, by definition, mitigate the impact of the surge in elementary school enrollment, but only as it relates to the need for classrooms. Increasing class size does not address other facilities issues such as insufficient cafeteria space, insufficient playground space, etc. (Increasing class size also creates other drawback such as increased workload on teachers.) In order to address the other impacts of increasing enrollment, we are basically left with two options – increasing the number of classrooms (e.g., portables, building new schools, etc.) or providing additional resources to help a school cope with the increased enrollment. In the short-term, we will probably have to rely more heavily on the latter but in the long-term we must do the former.

Norma J F Harrison

We have to make do with the system that exists while we work to make the huge changes I’m telling you need to be made. But we have to not say that we are able to fix any of these problems using the present configurations permitted us. The battle is to tear down the brutal formation – step by step, and then altogether replace it with the ways we come up with that serve us beautifully.

Karen Hemphill

I don’t have a position on this yet as there has yet to be a discussion in our community about the relationship about current class sizes and impacts on student learning. This needs to be the focus of this issue.

Julie Sinai

As a School Board Director my goal is to make sure we deliver the best education we can for our students and provide healthy working conditions for our teachers and staff.  It is my goal to do my best to maintain K-3 class size as 20-1.  While I understand that increasing class size will alleviate the challenge with classroom availability, it doesn’t address the issue of density at a school site nor the impact on our educational program.  I’m looking forward to hearing the broad range of alternatives from staff on November 5 so that we can begin honing in on real solutions.