Do you have a child enrolled in the Berkeley public schools?

Ty Alper

Yes. My wife Tamar and I have three children attending Berkeley public schools: two sons at Rosa Parks Elementary and a daughter at Longfellow Middle School.
I have emphasized in this campaign that, in addition to being the only educator who is running for school board, I am the only candidate with children currently in the Berkeley schools. Tamar and I will soon have one child in an elementary school, one in a middle school, and one at Berkeley High, and we’ll be BUSD parents for 11 more years.
I don’t believe every member of the Board has to be a current BUSD parent, and certainly every Board member brings different experiences to the table. But when you are a current BUSD parent, you are in the schools constantly, talking with parents, teachers, students, and principals. You see the homework that comes home. You go to PTA meetings and back-to-school nights. You experience overcrowding. You attend sessions such as “Common Core math for parents.” You have a perspective and a voice that should be heard in School Board discussions and decisions about District policy.

Josh Daniels

I have one son who will be 2 years old in December. As such he will start Transitional Kindergarten in three years. I grew up in Berkeley and attended Washington Elementary (K-3), Berkwood Hedge (4-6), Willard Junior (now Middle) School, and Berkeley High School.

Norma J F Harrison


Karen Hemphill

I have 2 sons – now a sophomore and senior in college respectively - that have been through elementary, middle as well as high school in our public schools. Given that our high school remains are biggest challenge in terms of providing a consistent and equitable education to our students, having very recent experience as a high school parent and being a parent of African American sons I believe I have a deep understanding of these challenges.

Julie Sinai

I have two children who were educated in the Berkeley public schools. My youngest just graduated in June 2014 and my oldest graduated in 2010. They both went to Rosa Parks. My son, the older one, continued to King Middle School and my daughter went to Longfellow. They both graduated from BHS.